Spiritualist Medium

Violet Evergreen is a spiritualist medium with extraordinary psychic powers. She has seen beyond the veil since the passing of her mother in 1994.

Her gift has brought happiness and closure to hundreds of sitters across the whole of Scotland and now overseas with the advent of modern communications.


"She described my father's army barracks and his soldier friends, how he died and the things he wanted to say to me but never did. The closure I felt was like a gentle release and an uplifting relief."

Maggie McKenzie - Fort William


Crystal gazing, tarot and oracle cards, runes, palmistry, psychic readings (from photos and jewellery) and aura readings undertaken.

Violet's crystallomancy skills were a gift from her grandmother, Rosemary O' Hara a renowned reader and medium from Orkney.

Violet channels the powerful spirit of Alice her guide and conduit to the other side. Sitters have said that the strength of Violet and the power of Alice are in perfect balance through the doorway.


"I lost my sister last year in a car smash. It was so sudden. I didn't believe in psychics but went with my mum. When I had my reading I could smell Kelsie's perfume and I could have sworn she was in the room with us. She called me by my nickname that only we knew."

Chloe Williams - Rutherglen

Find Violet on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or text for a SkypeTM Connection.

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